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Meditation to Meet your Guide

Ensure that you will not be disturbed, and turn off your phone.

Find a comfortable chair where you can relax making sure that your back is straight and that your feet are on the ground. 

Close your eyes take 4 deep breaths slowly, in through your nose and out through your mouth and with every out breath feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed.  Imagine you have roots coming out of the soles of your feet, see them growing deep down into the core of the earth, in the earths core is a very large quartz crystal pillar, now see the roots wrapping around this crystal, this will keep you grounded.

Now I want you to see a large bowl of liquid white light above your head, the bowl is going to tip and this wonderful white light is going to pour slowly in through the top of your head, and filling your whole body starting at your toes, then your feet, legs, hips, torso, down your left arm into your fingers, down your right arm into your fingers, see this liquid light filling your neck and head, feel that every cell of your entire body is soaked in this wonderful light.  Now see this light making a complete egg shape around the outside of your body, encasing you in a bubble of white light.  It is such a wonderful feeling, you feel completely safe and secure inside this egg of protection.  It is now time to invite your guide to join you during this meditation, so just say to yourself that you are sitting here with the intention of meeting your guide.

When you feel comfortable and want to move on, I want you to imagine leaving the chair you are sitting on and making your way outside your home, and across the road to where there is a white gate, and beyond this gate is a wonderful forest full of amazing colours and wildlife.  Open the gate and walk through into the forest, making sure you close it once you are inside.

 As you walk along the path you will notice the little stones and even the moss under your feet, see the colour and the blades of the grass, the woodland at the side of the path, perhaps there is a rabbit chewing the grass, you can see all the flowers and berry’s, the texture of the trees, the buds of the flowers, you can even hear the birds singing in the trees, the more details you can see the better it is. 

Now as you are walking ahead you will see a clearing, over to the far right hand side you can just make out a waterfall, as you walk towards this you come across a small stream, you hear the water trickling down the stream that is running along side you now.  As you get closer to the waterfall, you notice a wooden bridge, this wooden bridge is the colour of the rainbow, you start to walk over the bridge to the other side where there’s a waterfall.

As you approach you see two comfortable chairs that have been made out of tree branches they are facing the waterfall, and there head is a small white orb of light

approaching you, and as it gets closer it becomes bigger and bigger, you are safe, there is nothing to be scared of.  It stops a little way away from you and you see that this wonderful orb has turned into someone very, very beautiful, you can feel the love and protection coming towards you, this is your guide, you will feel that you have known them all your life.  

Put out your hand and wait, feel your guides hand in yours, as you both walk towards the chairs and sit down, you take notice of what your guide is wearing, the colours, the textures, whether they are wearing a headdress or jewellery, this is your time to ask any questions you like, ask there name, ask if you have been together in a past life, there are so many questions that I am sure you wish to have answered, your answer to your question will be the first word you hear after you have asked.  Use this time to get to know your guide, because they are willing to work with you and help guide you.  You can stay as long as you like, your guide will tell you when it is time to come back or you feel it is time to leave.

As you bid one another goodbye, know that you can come back to this special place any time you like, this is your place no one else can come there without you inviting them.  Make your way back slowly across the bridge, through the clearing and back through the forest noticing the pathway again, the trees, the wildlife just as you did when you entered the forest.  As you come to the gate, open the gate and make sure you close it afterwards, make your way across the road and back into your house and back into the chair where you started.

Open your eyes you are back in your room.

(copyright – Ann Walker 2006)

© Healing Energies Centre

By Ann Walker

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