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As things slowly open up from the Covid 19 pandemic I will be running courses on a reduced capacity and soon to be offering online courses. Our studio is Covid 19 compliant and completely safe. Please keep your eye on Facebook and this website for further information about courses as they become available. Below are examples of the type of workshops and training courses we run.

If there is any workshop that you would like to attend or know more about please contact us and we will try to arrange a date that suits you. 

We are also able to travel to your premises to do a workshop at your premises for your group please call Ann 07767258436  to discuss.

Workshop Notes
With most of my workshops they have a basic line up for the day but as I
channel most of the time, they will be different each time I do them.

Channelling In Mediumship
In this workshop we cover all aspects of mediumship from
automatic writing, mental mediumship, philosophy, trance and
predications. We also touch on physical mediumship.
You learn how you are used as a channel and how to protect and
control the energies that you will be working with.

Angelic Reiki l & ll
In this workshop you receive attunments direct from the Angelic
Realm as they run the workshop, for you to be drawn to this workshop
the Angelic Realm would have guided you to it.
With this workshop you are able to be a channel for healing from the
Angelic Realm. This is a really beautiful workshop and no two workshops are the same as your individual needs are met in different ways.

Working with Crystal Grids
This workshop covers all the different aspects that you can use a grid for
either Healing, Manifestation, Clearings or Connection.
You will learn how to use crystals and develop a grid for the purpose
you wish to make one for.

This workshop will introduce you to your guardian angel as well as different levels and kinds of Angels and which ones you can call upon for
different needs. You will learn how to connect safely on your own and
how to use them in your everyday life. We also touch on the right crystals to connect to them with and how to look after crystals.

Trance and Trance Healing
Working in Trance is a form of mediumship that can be extremely
rewarding and you will know if you want to do this or not by the end of
this workshop. It is certainly NOT being taken over or controlled in any way, it is simply a sharing of energies, with type of work it is important to note that in no way does the spirit world enter your body as is widely acclaimed during trance work.
The course covers many aspects of mediumship, but particularly communication and Healing.

Psychic and Mediumship workshop
Learning to connect with your guides and reading other peoples auric
fields as well as working with colours, photographs and obtaining messages from your guides and spirit world.
In this workshop you will be meditating as this quiets your mind and enables the space for the messages to flow.

Mandala’s for Healing
This form of working with Mandala’s has been around for thousands of
years, in this workshop you learn how to tap into your own intuitive skill and draw Mandala’s for healing, for yourself, your pets, friends, family, all animals and the world.
Mandala come in many forms, and within this workshop we will be
experimenting which one works best for you.

Crystals and Crystal Grids
Learn how to look after your crystals, how to choose, clean, charge and
dedicate them for the purpose you have bought them or even been
given them.
Learn how to make a Crystal Grid to protect your home from negative
energy and for healing for the world.

Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards
Learn what the difference is and how you can read them not only for
yourself but for others too.

Psychic Art
Working with Art can be a lovely way to make a connection to your
guides, Angels, Guardian Angel and Spirit world. As you are already in
the correct space which makes that connection easy.
Learn how to allow them to channel through you for this purpose.

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